Why Are Rocket Dockets No Longer Used In Foreclosure Cases?

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Articles . How rocket docket helps lawyers save time.. and the state courts no longer accept many of the outdated forms relating to spousal maintenance, child support, and certain notices and affidavits.. saved document for a new case or client. Some attorneys have used templates for.

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 · There are several reasons why a foreclosure could be removed from your report. The foreclosure is over seven years old. Experian states a foreclosure can be removed after seven years from the original delinquency date. The lender is no longer in business. The servicer provided inaccurate information on the foreclosure.

 · Further, my radio co-host (on WKDW-FM’s City Spotlight-Special Edition), R. J. Malloy, also intimated that in Florida, all of the senior judges presiding over foreclosure dockets could also be at risk of being recused based on similar conflicts of interest because their pension funds are vested in these types of stocks, bonds, securities, etc.

Brooklyn Foreclosure Cases Speed Up As Courts Implement Rocket Docket. The Empire State had an average foreclosure litigation time of 36-48 months in 2015. The average foreclosure litigation time across New York is expected to hit 12 months. Supreme Court Judges want to cut it under six months. Multiple factors on the federal and state level have attributed to this drastic cut.

New laws have also been passed to speed up foreclosure cases. Foreclosure cases no longer take 36-48 months to complete. New York courts have foreclosures passing through the system in less than 6 months. NYS Foreclosure Process Offers Strong Nassau County Foreclosure Defenses. New York is a judicial foreclosure state.

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