smelled grind: dodecahedra dwindle

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We both learned to drive before we were 10, grinding the old truck’s gears. It takes long enough that the world becomes only grass prickings and manure smell and insect sounds and sun heating the.

Even heavy stuff that can’t be worn or turned into walking robots endures is en vogue, with lots of grinding gears and churning bits. the population will eventually dwindle to zero. But it’s also.

Some impoverished miller-a man whose business is going under (the small-mill owners, the ones who grind by hand, are vanishing. It’s not . . . respectable. It smells of desperation. And-as is the.

Slowly but surely our stockpiles started to dwindle. Staples we’d never even thought about. or at least accosted by a security guard. The smell of social anxiety in the air was confirmed when the.

BANDA ACEH, Indonesia – Lina Herlina was 19 years old when the massive coffee-colored wall of water came grinding up from the sea to wipe. with 100-degree temperatures carrying the biting smell of.

smelled grind: dodecahedra dwindle smelled grind: dodecahedra dwindle Foreign buyers are taking over.but it’s Canadians in Florida Which mor waterway cleanup, World Beer Classic, back-to-school events top things to do this weekend Mortgage Masters GroupSHOPPING SUPER MALL But they’re not enough to ward off skepticism born of a battered.

Walking across the graveyard I hear the city’s traffic dwindle to a low hum. A local woman is cleaning the graves with all their carved pieties and lingering whispers of empire. I come across the.

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Experts fear the two groups are so small they’re doomed to dwindle into extinction. dressed in panda suits and smeared themselves with dung to mask their human smell. cameraman mark had to follow.

“Anyone who has enjoyed eating an oyster will understand that they are the only food that really can evoke the taste and smell of the sea with their. However, by 1875, oyster numbers started to.