More than Subprime Resets: The Real Meaning of Two Waves

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Moreover, I am guessing that this was even more true for prime than Alt-A, as the chance a 100% LTV loan will be repaid goes up with the creditworthiness of the buyer, and the lenders were obviously counting on home prices always going up to make it somewhat irrelevant whether the 100% LTV deal was offered to a subprime, Alt-A or prime borrower.

"Curable" is a real industry term and indicates something like a loan that closed. That will, of course, take longer than a lot of these folks can stay solvent. incomes, and they allowed subprime borrowers, who by definition have had. A wave of mortgage fraud is rippling through pockets of the Valley,

Proponents of the centrality of resets in the current crisis based their view on the following logic. Subprime hybrid ARMs offered borrowers extremely low "teaser" rates for some initial period (usually 2 or 3 years) but then these mortgages "exploded" to high rates thereafter.

investment performance of subprime-mortgage-related positions has a binary quality that depends on subprime mortgagors’ ability to obtain cash-out refinancing. I describe how the subprime crisis evolved in four waves that roped in more positions and affected those positions more severely over time.

The subprime mortgage crisis was caused by hedge funds, banks and insurance companies. The first two created mortgage-backed securities. The insurance companies covered them with credit default swaps. Demand for mortgages led to an asset bubble in housing.

As a result, healthcare REITs are among the more interest-rate-sensitive real. meaning that these REITs are heavily influenced by movements in interest rates. The sector’s high interest rate.

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Still, the lower resets are very real for what the industry describes as typical sub-prime borrowers. Their loans might start with an 8% rate for two years, the S&P study noted, then start adjusting twice a year to six-month LIBOR plus 6 percentage points. If LIBOR was 5%, the borrower would pay 11% interest on the loan.