Four things that could affect Florida business this summer. One involves flood insurance.

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Flood Insurance to Impact FEMA Assistance Elegibility South Florida had an epic flood 70 years ago. Could it happen again?. 18.77 feet set in 1947 – a breach in one or more locations would be likely, according to the Army Corps of Engineers.

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Flood pumps in the parking garage can push. frames – one of the main ways architects and engineers toughen structures against extreme weather. Even more basic advances have been slow to get adopted.

South Florida. Four things that could affect Florida business this summer. One involves flood insurance. The governor signed off on 350 miles of new toll roads, Amazon struck a deal to bring an air cargo hub to Lakeland, and several South Florida.

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 · If you are in a flood zone, even a partial one, they’ll require the purchase of “flood insurance” as a condition of making the loan. Federal law requires this insurance. No matter what excuses you offer, it can’t be waived for any reason. The cost of the insurance can be very expensive depending on the type of buildings or structures.

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One involves flood insurance. The state has already had a pile of big business stories this year. blue-green algae enveloping an area along the St. Lucie River in Stuart, on the east coast of Florida.

 · One reason it’s so cheap to build in the area is that premiums for flood insurance haven’t always been properly calibrated to the actual risk of building there.

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Disaster events can affect any business, and getting back up may take longer than one thinks. Learn how Travelers is helping. Learn more.. 4 Things Every Renter Needs to Know About Renters Insurance. Here are four things you need to know about how a policy can compensate you for lost or.

One million and four hundred thousand homes in Florida are vulnerable to flooding, and I don’t have flood insurance," said Jay Neal, of the Florida Association for Insurance Reform.