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Real estate experts say local housing market is in transition By: Andrew Valenti, Reporter October 10, 2018 1 Comment The single-family housing market is moving from a trend of record-setting prices of homes a few years ago to one where prices are decreasing at certain ranges.

In the California real estate market the "b" word is on the minds of many: bubble. With reports of sharp declines in home sales, shrinking inventory and rising home prices, it might be an.

Because the housing market crisis was so widespread, it remains vivid in the minds of many people as they prepare to buy a house, sell a house or invest in real estate. Some in the real estate industry note similarities, like sale prices, in the current housing market to years like 2005 or 2006, which led to the bubble burst.

A transitional real estate market poses certain issues for people who are buying and selling homes and you should be aware of them. This is especially true for anyone involved in real estate right now because the real estate market in many areas is either in transition or could be in transition shortly.

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Participants in transitional housing programs are given a place to reside while they find a job and develop the life skills required to live independently. You can help people in your community make the transition to living on their own by learning how to start a transitional housing program.

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To drive the urgency home even harder, we haven’t even yet talked about the damage an economic recession and/or a painful correction in the financial markets would wreak on the real estate market.

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