Brace for a Wave of Foreclosures, the Dam is About to Break

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For a look at "negative equity", moratoriums, and other foreclosure issues please see Brace for a Wave of Foreclosures, the Dam is About to Break. With the new data from Fitch let’s take a second look using another chart from Calculated Risk’s post MBA Forecasts Foreclosures to Peak at End of 2010 .

Brace for a Wave of Foreclosures, the Dam is About to Break: 08/17/09: 4 "Waves of More Foreclosures" = More Bank Failures + Big Trouble for the FDIC, 08/11/10: 5: Foreclosure wave hits Iowa hard: 08/22/07: 6: Americans brace for next foreclosure wave: 04/04/12: 7: Foreclosure wave sweeps America: 11/04/07: 8

While Las Vegas was the worst-hit area with 4.5% of homes in the foreclosure process, the national rate stayed at 0.63%. Home prices fell about 20% on average last year in those areas, according.

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Weather officials on Wednesday warned people along the Arkansas River to brace for severe flooding and fast river speeds as projections show potential to break long-set historic records following.

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ANALYTICAL SOLUTION OF DAM BREAK WAVE WITH FLOW RESISTANCE. APPLICATION TO TSUNAMI SURGES HUBERT CHANSON Dept of Civil Engineering, The University of Queensland, brisbane qld 4072, Australia (e-mail: Abstract Surge waves resulting from dam breaks have been responsible for numerous losses of life.