Beware, the Foreclosure Collection Man Cometh

When debts turn bad, beware- the repo man cometh. The murky underworld of debt collection and repossession tends to slip under the radar. Now a long-awaited consumer law reform is rumbling down the.

Editor, Tax Section News, California State Bar Taxation Section (1985-1986); "Taxation of Real Property Transfers," (1981) and supplements; California Continuing Education of the Bar; "Collection..

BOSTON– The trash man cometh. The removal of parking space savers from Boston streets is set to begin on Monday when regular garbage collection begins. The city warned residents last week that the.

The following is largely extracted from two articles: Twilight of the Psychopaths, by Dr. Kevin Barrett and The Trick of the Psychopath’s Trade by Silvia Cattori. Both articles are recommended. Both.

Before an unmanageable hospital bill forces you or anyone you know into foreclosure or bankruptcy or into the clutches of an unrelenting collection agency, there are remedies worth knowing.

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Before criticizing the Long signing for age, injury and/or financial purposes, beware. The past 39 days haven’t been kind to the amateurs who think they’re smarter at professional football than.

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The Tax Man Cometh. Just because you’re square with your creditors doesn’t mean you’re square with the government. forgiven debt is almost always considered to be taxable income. How can debt be income? you may ask. Well, I suppose you have to look at it this way – you were provided with money, goods, or services in the amount of your debt.

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S-Corporations, Beware!. funding will increase audits of corporations and high-income individuals as well as expand collection and criminal investigation efforts. So beware. the tax man cometh.